In this section, we share everything you need to ensure smooth operations at your mass testing site, from hiring and training your team to launching and refining your model.


    Hiring and training the required staff and volunteers are critical to the success of your mass testing site. It is especially important to emphasize and practice all safety protocols to protect your frontline workers and patients. Below is an example document outlining the roles and responsibilities of each staff member as well as some example training materials to help get your staff up to speed.


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    We've put together two example training manuals, one for the sample collection team and one for the control centre team, and we're working on more! Remember to review your country's specific protocols when creating materials for your team.

    Sample Collection Training Manual

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    Control Centre Training Manual

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    There are a lot of moving parts in a mass testing site and strict infection prevention and control measures that must be observed at all times. In this section, we share example process flow diagrams to help you visualize the process and communicate the specific actions taken at each stage.


    Check out the example process flow deck below, and create your own editable copy here.


    Launch day has arrived! Here are a few things to consider as you prepare open your mass testing site.

  • team check-in

    Before starting operations on Day 1, schedule time for an all-team meeting to:

    • Review infection prevention and control protocols, collection site process flow, and individual roles and responsibilities for each team member.
    • Check that each area of the testing site has all the required materials for safe and efficient operations. 
    • Answer any questions that staff have. 
    • Ensure that everyone has the contact information for the site administrator in case they encounter issues during the day.
    • Acknowledge that operations will not be perfect from day 1. The goal is to improve over time and ensure staff and patient safety at all times.


    It is important to spread the word within the target community as you launch your new mass testing site. Here are a few ways to get the word out:

    • Partner with the government to disseminate the news (including the appointment booking number or online survey) through official government channels.
    • Partner with other local health facilities who can share the news with their patient populations and help identify high-risk patients for testing.
    • Use your social media accounts to share specific information about how to book an appointment and what the testing process will look like once a patient arrives.


    Once the mass testing site is in operation, it is important to keep learning and iterating on the operation to increase the level and quality of service and maintain high safety standards. Below are a few quick tips.

  • Observe

    Carefully observe how patients are navigating the service and moving through the system to see if there is any friction or bottlenecks.


    Have regular debriefing sessions with staff to see what is working well and what can be improved upon.

    Collect Feedback

    Consider collecting feedback from patients who have visited your testing site via an online survey or over the phone.


    Document your processes and findings to share your insights with others fighting COVID-19, including us! We'd love to hear from you!


    Based on your observations and feedback from staff and patients, tweak your model to improve process flow.


    Review training materials and safety protocols with your team regularly. Repetition is key here!

    Check In

    Your team will be under a lot of pressure each day. Schedule time for 1:1 check-ins to see how they are coping both mentally and physically. Let your team know you are there to support them.

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