Mass Testing is one of the most effective ways to "flatten the curve". We want to help as many countries as possible, in Africa and around the world, follow the advice of the WHO and "test, test, test"! To that end, we've created and compiled a set of resources to help governments and healthcare organizations set up and operate mass testing sites.

  • MASS testing 101

    We define Mass Testing sites as “out-of-health facility” locations where COVID-19 samples can be safely collected from a high volume of patients and then sent to a centralized laboratory for processing. There are broadly two types of mass testing sites: drive-through testing sites and booth testing sites.

    Drive-Through Testing

    Example: Drive-Through Testing in Virginia

    This is a location where the patient remains in the car throughout the whole process. When the patient reaches the testing area, s/he winds down the car window a few inches to allow the lab scientist to collect samples. Because the patient does not leave the vehicle, there is very minimal contact between the patient and the staff.

    Booth Testing

    Example: Outdoor Testing Booths at Incheon Airport

    In this scenario, patients walk into the testing site and are tested in a booth. After each test, the booth is disinfected before the next patient is attended to.

  • Key components

    There are four key components of a mass testing site.

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    Sample Collection Site

    Collecting and packaging patient samples in a safe and efficient manner. 

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    Control Centre

    For prospective patient triage, appointment booking, answering patient questions, and communicating results and next steps.

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    Information System

    A system for collecting patient demographic, clinical, and contact information, either electronic or paper-based.

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    Safe and timely transportation of samples to the molecular laboratory.

  • about this site

    At MDaaS Global, we build and operate modern, tech-enabled diagnostic centers in clinically-underserved communities, starting in Nigeria. We’re a team of clinicians, engineers, supply chain experts, public health professionals, and operators committed to making healthcare affordable and accessible for all. As we’ve watched the COVID-19 pandemic unfold around the globe and here in Nigeria, we have reflected on our team’s unique strengths and how best we could contribute to the fight against this disease. At our core, our company is centred around building high-quality, efficient healthcare operations. After seeing the impact of mass testing sites in places like South Korea and the United States, we have started collaborating with several partner organizations to set up mass testing sites across Nigeria.


    As we compile and create resources to help us set up these testing sites, we want to continuously share the lessons learned from our efforts to assist other organizations or government agencies actively looking to set up mass testing sites. This website is a general guide on how to set up and operate a mass testing site as quickly as possible, broken down into four sections:

    A set of key steps in preparing to set up a mass testing site, such as getting government approvals and choosing a testing location.

    Everything you need during setup, including a list of materials, required staff, site layout, etc.

    Resources for hiring and training staff, thinking through process flow, launching your site, and improving over time.

    A list of relevant resources and guides from organizations like the WHO and CDC.

  • Need Help Setting Up?

    Have an idea for a mass testing location? Need some help making it a reality? We're experts in setting up and operating health facilities like this and would love to partner with you. Let us know a little about you and your project below, and we'll be in touch!

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